Frequently Asked Questions


ls the "membership" transferable? Can I sell my right to play whenever I want?

Subject to compliance with the conditions stipulated in the contract (Additional Terms), you can resell your status of "member" of Villa Padierna. The only requirements are that the transferor is up to date with all payments and that the purchaser is accepted by the club and settles the necessary activation fees.

Will the price of the membership change in the next years?

We expect the price of memberships (joining fee) to increase over time. The first members will have the opportunity to buy at a lower price than future members. This means that the purchase of a membership is also an investment.

When I join, will I be asked to pay the full annual membership fee?

The membership fee for the first year will be adjusted proportionally according to the month in which your membership is activated. In order to have a good level of occupation on the courses, we will sell green fees also to visiting golfers but will always give priority to members and will ensure that a high level of quality maintenance is kept.

If I am to invest a significant amount of money to join Villa Padierna, I would like to know which company is behind this project.

Members Golf Club Villa Padierna, S.L. is a limited company constituted by the regulating laws in the commercial registry. The company forms part of the "RA Capital" group of companies which also owns the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel (currently managed by Minor Hotels Group under their Anantara brand), the three 18-hole golf courses, Villa Padierna Racquet Club and the beach club. This company is responsible for the marketing and sale of memberships.

What will happen if the company decides to sell the golf course(s) in the future?

There is a clause in the contract that states that "in the event that Villa Padierna Golf Club is sold, the new company must respect the rights of the members".

Will I have the possibility of bringing friends and family to play?

Of course. One of the advantages of being a member of Villa Padierna Golf Club is our discount policy. You can bring unlimited players who benefit from reduced rates, subject to availability of our golf courses. We also offer very favourable conditions for family members.

Can I buy a buggy? And keep it in the garage of the clubhouse?

As a general rule, we have no intention to host external buggies in our garage. However, to provide our members with the possibility of using a buggy, we have established special rates that allow members to use a buggy each time they play the course. If members have their own buggy, it can be used on our courses as long as it meets the quality requirements of our club. The buggy cannot be left in the club garage.

Can my spouse and children play the golf courses and have access to the clubhouse?

We have excellent conditions for spouses and members' children under 25. Our "family member" status does not require a joining fee and offers reduced annual fees. In the event that you do not wish to join as a family member, there are special rates available that allow you to play with your family. To access the areas restricted to members, children must be at least 16 years of age.

What would happen if I do not use my membership during a number of years? Can I lose my membership right?

This eventuality is also covered in the contract and allows for the possibility to temporarily unsubscribe the rights of membership for a maximum period of ten years with the sole obligation to pay 25% of the annual membership fee. We also have the option of an "absent or non-resident membership", that grants the right to play 30 times a year, paying only a portion of the annual membership fees while keeping the remaining benefits and privileges of your membership.

Will I receive a membership card?

All members will have a personalised card that will allow their identification and give them access to discounts and benefits for members. In future, the card will also serve as a credit card thus enabling members to debit any consumption or purchase across the resort which will be billed monthly.